Activities Gran Canaria: Hiking through the green northern laurel forest



6-7 hours

Hiking through the laurel forest of the north green Information

  • Departure days: Saturday
  • Duration: 7 km (300 m ascent, 300 m downhill)
  • Location: Gran Canaria
  • Accessibility: See the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information or click here
  • Tickets: unnecessary.
  • Dress code: suitable clothing and footwear depending on the season. A sweater or a light jacket is recommended in winter.
  • Pick-ups: at the hotel

ATTENTION: ** transport surcharge from Salobre to Mogán

If you consider yourself a lover of hiking and nature or want to start to love yourself, take this hiking trail through the ravine of Laurel in Los Tilos de Moya, reserving with LCT Gran Canaria.

Short Description

If you consider yourself a lover of walking and nature or want to love yourself, take this walk through the ravine of "Laurel" in "Los Tilos de Moya", book with "LCT Gran Canaria". A path that is designed for you and that will fully meet your expectations, since "Gran Canaria" is a perfect destination for the realization of this kind of activity and with the help of an expert guide, the ideal mix for you to fully benefit from. to enjoy the experience.

The geographical center of the island, at the foot of the "Roque Nublo" as a starting point, giving us a magical panoramic view of the island "Tenerife" and the mountain "Teide", the highest mountain in Spain with about 3718 meters above sea level .

Direction "Los Tilos", located in the ravine of "Moya" at about 600 meters above sea level, called the special nature reserve, we enter the forest of "Laurisilva", which is the presence of numerous endemic species that live in a specific place are agglomerated, under which we can draw attention to the "Til", a plant species that gives its name to this ravine and path, a plant that is very characteristic of the "Canary Islands" and which is currently threatened by habitat loss. 

We will continue the walk with our climb to 1750 m altitude, where one of the symbols and emblems of "Gran Canaria", the "Roque Nublo", awaits us. Declared a natural monument and located in the municipality "Tejeda", it stands as one of the main attractions of visitors to "Gran Canaria". There is even more for hikers, and this parcour is a great opportunity to have this privileged view.


After a well deserved rest and a picnic, the descent starts towards the village "Ayacata" as the last point of this special trail. Do not miss this great opportunity to book at LCT Gran Canaria. "Nature and sport for everyone". Book now with us!

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A path designed for you that will fulfill your expectations completely, since Gran Canaria is a perfect destination for the realization of this type of activities

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