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6 hours

Sport Fishing Information

  • Departure days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday
  • Lasting: 6 hours 
  • Location: Gran Canaria. Puerto de Mogán.
  • Lunch: Light lunch on board. 
  • Accessibility: For further information see the FAQs section, or click here
  • Tickets: Unneeded.
  • Dresscode: Casual clothing. Slippers, bathing suit, sunscreen and towel.
Suitable clothing and footwear according to season. In winter a sweater or light jacket is recommended.

Short Description

Enjoy a fabulous sport fishing day in Gran Canaria leaving Puerto Rico, alone or accompanied, sharing the boat with other customers, or chartering it with the chance of capturing a multitude of fish in our crystalline waters on our Gran Canarian shores as well as observing how skilled our experienced fishermen are and in full action.

Live with us a marvelous sport fishing day in Gran Canaria from the pier of Pasito Blanco, located between Maspalomas and Puerto Rico. You can come alone or accompanied, sharing the boat with other customers, or charter the boat.

The variety of fish in Gran Canaria makes fishing easier throughout the year. During autumn and winter, fish such as saws, barracudas, sea breams, bleaks, red, glows, silversides and amberjack, bigeye (bluefin), gold, Wahoo, Blue Marlin, White marlin and SPEARFISH can be captured. In addition, we can fish small tunas (from 25 to 30 kilos) during most of the year (February to November) and large tunas (up to 400 kilos) from March to May.


The boat in which we will live this experience is 11 meters long and over 4.5 meters wide, with a capacity of 10 clients in the same trip. In fact, each fisherman will have his own rod. You can come with other fishermen or with companions who do not want to fish but do want to share this experience.

If you are a natural fisherman you will know that the fishing sensation is unique, and if you are not you will have the chance to check it out on our journey. In case of lack of experience we will teach you to fish and we will give you all the necessary instructions before and during the capture.

During the fishing, we can go from the total calm, the tranquility of a relaxing boat ride, to the excitement as soon as some fish bites the hook.


Depending on the type of fish that is biting the hook, the feast can last between 10 minutes and 2 hours, instant of maximum concentration to reach the zenith. Apart from sighting whales, emanating its unmistakable stream of water, we could also find ourselves surrounded by herds of dolphins that accompany us during part of our journey, so close to us, that it seems that we can do selfies with them.

In addition, Gran Canaria´s wonderful coasts and especially the whole area of Meloneras, with its spectacular hotels, Maspalomas´s lighthouse and its dunes are other attractions that complement the excursion.

In short, we offer you the maximum chances of sport fishing in Gran Canaria so that you can enjoy an unforgettable day of fishing marlin, tuna and many other fish and simultaneously discover other attractions in this area of the Canary Islands.

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