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60 min

Gran Canaria Bank Escape Room Information

  • Departure: Every day
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Location: San Fernando de Maspalomas. Gran Canaria
  • Access: For more information, see "frequently asked questions", or click here.
  • Tickets: Unnecessary.
Reservar con varios días de antelación. Plazas limitadas

Short Description

One of the newest fashion games arrives in southern Gran Canaria to challenge our mental skills for 60 minutes in an exciting and exciting escapism challenge in one of Gran Canaria's amazing Escape Room.

The truth is that few know that in a remote alley of San Fernando de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria hides the office of Gran Canaria's central bank, and it is even less known that there is a large vault in the basement that holds a great treasure hides. Come with your colleagues and write your name in the initials of the banking history. Find solutions, overcome all the problems that will occur in 60 minutes and become one of the groups of thieves most feared by the world banks, or on the contrary, you will go into the history of the Gran Canaria Central Bank, as one more group that was fascinated after he had not achieved the goal within 60 minutes.

Be resourceful and solve the mystery of Gran Canaria Bank, follow the clues and open the huge safe and get the long-awaited treasure to reach the goal.

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One of the fashion games currently reaches the south of Gran Canaria, to challenge our mental abilities for 60 minutes

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